The Best Way to Tackle Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is one of the all-time leading threats to dental health. But did you know that roughly half of all US adults over the age of 30 have gum disease, with this margin increasing even higher with old age? Since it’s such a common and rampant issue, it needs a solution that doesn’t just effectively treat it, but also ensures that it’s unlikely to ever return to harm your smile. That’s why here at Brite Smiles, we’re excited to offer some of the best ways of tackling gum disease and restoring oral health, including LANAP surgery. Here’s more about what you can expect concerning this innovative, groundbreaking treatment and some of its unique benefits.

What Is LANAP Surgery?

a patient receiving LANAP surgery

LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is an FDA-cleared, cutting-edge dental treatment that offers a host of benefits for individuals suffering from gum disease. Unlike traditional gum surgery methods, LANAP employs laser technology, which offers all sorts of advantages to patients undergoing the treatment, including promoting the regeneration of healthy gum tissue. LANAP has become the standard practice among many dental professionals and top practices across the US, and we’re excited to offer it ourselves!

What to Expect During Treatment

a patient visiting her dentist for treatment

We can perform LANAP surgery right here in our office following a review of your dental chart and taking X-rays of your mouth. We’ll use a tiny laser fiber that’s about the size of a human hair and insert it between the teeth and gums, and then we’ll get to work. The laser clears away the infection without the need to cut into the gums, resulting in a much smoother process for all parties involved.

We’ll thoroughly clean the tooth roots to ensure that all the present plaque and tartar have been removed. Finally, we’ll use a different setting on the laser to create a regenerative blood clot that seals off the pocket and assists with your mouth’s healing process. You’ll receive treatment on one half of your mouth during each session (we’ll break your treatment up into two, 2-hour sessions). In most cases, you’ll even be able to drive yourself back home after the procedure is done!

Benefits of LANAP Surgery

a patient smiling after receiving LANAP surgery

There are many significant benefits of LANAP procedures over conventional treatment options. Perhaps the most enticing benefit of LANAP is its minimally invasive nature; the laser can be used to precisely target compromised gum tissue without damaging the healthy surrounding tissue. Additionally, employing this laser results in less pain and discomfort for patients, faster recovery times, and of course, improved outcomes.

LANAP’s precision also stimulates the regeneration of supporting gum tissues, which ultimately promotes better attachment of the gums to the teeth and encourages outstanding long-term oral health. Furthermore, there’s very little downtime after the treatment itself, and healing is perceived to be faster and more comfortable than traditional surgery!